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    We Tried Vegan Halal Snack Packs And They Were Surprisingly OK

    Garlic sauce? Nah fam, there's only garlic hummus 'round here.

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    If you haven't yet heard, vegan halal snack packs are a thing that exist in this fine, fine land.

    Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

    So Gyan, a vegetarian, and myself, the office's resident HSP-lover, decided to head to Lord Of The Fries to try their vegan-HSP offerings.

    Dean Nye / BuzzFeed

    We also sit next to each other. Plus we like to talk about food. A lot.

    While Gyan was pretty excited by the prospect of trying her first ever HSP, I was a little hesitant by the whole concept of ~fake meat~.

    Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed
    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    Nonetheless, we both tucked into our vegan snack packs and had some... differing opinions.

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed
    Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

    We must keep in mind that Gyan has only been a vegetarian for about a year, and has never had the beauty of a real halal snack pack before. When she decided to go full-vego, the HSP blew up and she even wrote a post when the famous Facebook group began.

    To her, the snack pack meat tasted EXACTLY like real meat. "Now, I don't know if I've just forgotten the taste, or if they've completely nailed it but it was good. Like, really good. At last, I don't feel like I'm missing out on the phenomenon that is the halal snack pack."

    Whereas for me, while the vegan HSP didn't quite live up to a real snack pack, it was still pretty good.

    Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed
    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    Living in Western Sydney, I was on that snack pack vibe way before they got popular. Really what's not to love? Chips, meat, cheese, sauce - there is truly nothing better. So when I heard about the vegan version I was really hesitant.

    However after trying it, I was pleasantly surprised. Now look, it's by no means a regular snackie. There was no cheese, it was oddly sweet, the chips were like Macca's fries, and the garlic sauce was actually garlic hummus, but it was nice in its own weird way. If I had any suggestions I'd say ditch the flimsy, sweat-box cardboard packaging for the ultimate HSP housing - the styro box.

    1. So there you have it. Would you try a vegan halal snack pack or are you sticking to the original?

      Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed | Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed
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    So there you have it. Would you try a vegan halal snack pack or are you sticking to the original?
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      Yeah, I'd definitely give a vegan HSP a go.
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      No way, if it ain't broke then don't fix it.