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Star Wars Burgers Are A Real Thing, So Of Course We Had To Try Them

May the fourth be with you.

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So you can imagine how exciting it was to hear that BL Burgers in Sydney are making a limited edition Star Wars burger aptly named "Return of the Chedi". We had to try it, I mean Han Yolo, right?

BL Burgers / Via Facebook: blburgers

The mammoth burger is made of a beef patty, American cheese, triple smoked cheese kransky, a red cheddar cheese sauce (so much cheese), sweet and spicy pickles, and fiery ketchup... all this between two galaxy milk buns!

Which now leads us to well... us. Hello, we are Dean and Michelle, and when it comes to our feelings on Star Wars we are light years apart.


Dean: I wouldn't call myself a die-hard fan, but I have attended all the midnight screenings of all the new movies (prequels, The Force Awakens) and am currently reading fan theories about who Rey actually is. Like I said, I'm not a die-hard fan... but I know my Wookies from my Ewoks.

Michelle: Lmao I pretty much know nothing about Star Wars. Like, sure I know who Yoda and Chewbacca are, but don't ask me about ships and planets or who is who's kid. I haven't watched more than five minutes of any Star Wars film, and I don't plan to. But I do love food, so I was 100% down to down these burgers.


...and discovered that they're pretty much just normal burgers.


Dean: It's a lot to fit in your mouth, but after a couple of bites all I was getting was the kransky. I couldn't taste the beef patty at all. All that cheese made it a mess to eat, but that's #burgerlife, right? The pickles gave it a bit of a kick, which I liked. The blue buns, although not very appetising to look at, tasted fine. They were soft and light, and tasted like a regular burger bun. There was a lot of sauce, but I am one with the sauce and the sauce is with me. All in all it was a decent burger, but nothing out of this world.

Michelle: My first bite was massive, yet I only got a mouthful of galaxy bun which tasted like bread and nothing else. The next bite had some meat but tbh, I was too distracted by all the cheese sauce that was dribbling down my chin. I liked the kransky, and I normally like pickles but these ones were a little too sweet for me. Was it a good burger? Yeah, it was alright. Was it worth the $17? Yeah, nah.