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    Posted on 25 Jul 2017

    This Guy On "Ninja Warrior" Was Disqualified Then Requalified And People Are Mad

    Ninety-nine problems and a small water ripple is all of them.

    On tonight's Australian Ninja Warrior finale, contestant Fred Dorrington got in a sticky place with an instant disqualification when his foot seemingly touched the water during his run.

    We’re taking this one back to the #NinjaWarriorAU video ref… 🔍

    Fred placed third in the UK version of the show and was disqualified then for the exact same reason. As the rules of the show state, when a contestant's foot touches the water at any point in their run, they are instantly disqualified.

    While some people were sure his disqualification was fair...

    He touched the water. I saw it from my couch and I'm a long way from Cockatoo Island. #NinjaWarriorAU

    #NinjaWarriorAU Yeah it JUST touched the water. Bummer.

    He 100% touched that water. Even at the time I was yelling 'Cheat, Cheat!' at the TV ;) #NinjaWarriorAU

    ...others truly believed that the mat made the ripple in the water, not his foot.


    He DID NOT hit the water. He hit the pad that made the water move.. oh this looks very bad for #NinjaWarriorAU


    I'm telling you right now he kicked the pad and was improperly DQ'd, disaster. #NinjaWarriorAU

    In my expert opinion, months after this was filmed and from ~150km away, he kicked the padding and then the water rippled. #NinjaWarriorAU

    But most were just wondering why the dramatic scene was even necessary, considering the show is pre-filmed.

    Prerecorded and pre-packaged, but you need to "go to a break" to check out the footage to see if he failed? 🤔 #NinjaWarriorAU

    #NinjaWarriorAU was filmed in January, but we need a commercial break to work out if contestant is disqualified...

    8 months ago and still no decision #NinjaWarriorAU

    The video playback ultimately proved Fred didn't touch the water and he was allowed to continue, which some thought was an unfair advantage.

    Well if they all could have rest midway through.... 🤔#ninjawarriorau

    Mmm a restart after a break allows him to rest and almost gains an advantage #NinjaWarriorAU

    That is bullshit. The guy got a huge break and chance to recover. Should have had to start from the beginning. #NinjaWarriorAU

    Definite advantage. Just let them keep going if there's any doubt, DQ after if necessary! #NinjaWarriorAU

    1. So, do you think Fred's disqualification and lucky break was fair?

      So, do you think Fred's disqualification and lucky break was fair?

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    So, do you think Fred's disqualification and lucky break was fair?
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      No, they should've let him do his run and just disqualified him at the end.
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      Yes, the break wouldn't have recharged him that much anyway.

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