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    Excuse Me America, Sausage Sizzles Aren't Hot Dogs

    They're better, you hear me? BETTER.

    Hello, before we begin let's get one thing straight: hot dogs are fucking delicious.

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    Fight me if you think they're not.

    But America... you need to chill tf out because, sausage sizzles are NOT hotdogs.

    I am unnaturally furious about this article. IT'S NOT A FUCKEN HOT DOG

    In what kind of blasphemous world would you call the humble sausage sanga a fucking hotdog?

    Sausage sizzle, sausage sandwich, sausage in bread, whatever you call it, one thing is true: it is heaven.

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    Wow. Just beautiful. The greatest flavours known to humankind. I think I need a moment here.

    You see America, we have hotdogs too. But the beauty of the sausage sizzle is you don't need fancy bread, or itty-bitty ground up pickles. Hell, you don't even need mustard.

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    Simplicity is key.

    And the fact is, Aussies are just not here for you calling one of our most treasured foods a hotdog.

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    So America, please get on the snags in bread vibe ASAP.

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