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19 Things You Discover When You Road Trip In Australia For The First Time

Seeing a Macca's in the distance is honestly like finding water in the desert.

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3. You quickly figure out that reception is pretty much non-existent once you leave the city.

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People in country towns will literally laugh at you when you tell them you're looking for signal with Vodafone. The country is a Telstra-only zone, mate.

4. Coming across a heap of wildlife every time you drive becomes the standard.

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Kangaroos, wombats, emus, you name it. OK, fine. A lot of the time it's cows, sheep, or horses but still.

5. And you get very, very used to seeing all types of animal caution signs.

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Oh, and seeing the reason for the signs on the side of the road becomes totally normal to you too.

7. Seeing a Macca's sign in the distance after driving for ages turns into the Aussie version of an oasis in the desert.


8. And you find out the hard way that things that AREN'T perishable is definitely the way to travel.

11. And you realise that's probably why there are a whole lot of random big things dotted around the country.

12. Having a fire playlist set up before you even get on the road is essential.

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The same rotation of radio-play songs gets a little repetitive after three hours.


15. But if you're in a campervan, road ending and gravel starting signs are the absolute worst.

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You can say goodbye to silence as all your cutlery and crockery sing you the song of their people.

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