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    Updated on 6 Dec 2019. Posted on 9 Nov 2017

    19 Things You Discover When You Road Trip In Australia For The First Time

    Seeing a Macca's in the distance is honestly like finding water in the desert.

    1. Seeing a road sign say it's 200km to your next destination becomes totally normal to you.

    @DamonAM / Via Twitter: @DamonAM

    Oh, only 200km to go? We're pretty close then, aye.

    2. Which means No-Doz and energy drinks become your best friends.


    No matter how long you sleep, you're gonna yawn at least 17 times during your drive. Believe me.

    3. You quickly figure out that reception is pretty much non-existent once you leave the city.

    @aussiegoldseeker / Via Instagram: @aussiegoldseeker

    People in country towns will literally laugh at you when you tell them you're looking for signal with Vodafone. The country is a Telstra-only zone, mate.

    4. Coming across a heap of wildlife every time you drive becomes the standard.

    @joy_evans / Via

    Kangaroos, wombats, emus, you name it. OK, fine. A lot of the time it's cows, sheep, or horses but still.

    5. And you get very, very used to seeing all types of animal caution signs.

    @simone_lilian / Via

    Oh, and seeing the reason for the signs on the side of the road becomes totally normal to you too.

    6. You notice that every country town you go through has a Chinese restaurant called "Chinese restaurant".

    @AaronGocs / Via Twitter: @AaronGocs

    Straight to the point, really.

    7. Seeing a Macca's sign in the distance after driving for ages turns into the Aussie version of an oasis in the desert.

    @DesignYote / Via Twitter: @DesignYote

    But you also quickly figure out that the drive-thru is a no-go for you and your campervan.

    8. And you find out the hard way that things that AREN'T perishable is definitely the way to travel.

    @loztready / Via Instagram: @loztready

    Don't leave fruit in the back of your hot van. You'll regret it. Trust me.

    9. You realise maps are pointless because most roads are just straight stretches with nowhere else to really go.


    10. Which means you end up stopping a whole lot to check out any views that come your way.


    11. And you realise that's probably why there are a whole lot of random big things dotted around the country.


    I mean, you do need something to cut up all the driving.

    12. Having a fire playlist set up before you even get on the road is essential.

    Universal Pictures

    The same rotation of radio-play songs gets a little repetitive after three hours.

    13. And you find that once you're far enough from the city, the radio just stops finding stations altogether.

    @luke_gibs0n / Via

    14. After driving for so long, overtaking lane and road widening signs become the greatest thing in the world.

    @trublutravelling / Via Instagram: @trublutravelling

    15. But if you're in a campervan, road ending and gravel starting signs are the absolute worst.

    @trublutravelling / Via

    You can say goodbye to silence as all your cutlery and crockery sing you the song of their people.

    16. Plus, whenever you go back to driving a normal car after driving a camper, you feel like a giant for at least a week.



    17. You find out that there so many more train tracks in the country than there are in the city.


    I swear there are more trains than people.

    18. Seeing how quickly weather changes while you're driving teaches you to never trust the forecast.


    19. But above all, you realise that Australia has some of the best views in the world.


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