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    29 Of The Most Beautiful Lines In Rap Songs

    Fam, Kanye is a lot deeper than y'all give him credit for.

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community for the most beautiful lines in rap songs they've come across. Here are the surprisingly deep results.

    2. "The question isn't do he love ya the question is, do ya love yourself? You give the best advice to your friends and not take it for yourself."

    –Big Sean, Jump Out The Window

    Suggested by simonamgc

    3. "Last night I saw you in my dreams, now I can't wait to go to sleep."

    –Kanye West, Hey Mama

    Suggested by kleebaker1985

    4. "Jump regardless of the consequence, cause even on the night of the apocalypse, everybody’s an optimist."

    –Tonedeff, Optimist

    Suggested by RJTuck

    5. "People will love you and support you when it's beneficial."

    – Nicki Minaj, Pills and Potions

    Suggested by katsuperb

    6. "Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk. Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run. Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly. So I'ma spread my wings, you can meet me in the sky."

    –Jay Z, My President Is Black

    Suggested by vondajohnson7

    7. "I'd shoot for the moon but I'm too busy gazing at stars."

    –Eminem, Not Afraid

    Suggested by samb4a3427d86

    9. "Without order, nothing exists. Without chaos, nothing evolves."

    –Jedi Mind Tricks, Heavy Metal Kings

    Suggested by m7anders

    10. "Even though you're fed up, you got to keep ya head up."

    –2Pac, Keep Ya Head Up

    Suggested by nellyhapp

    11. "I like when money makes a difference but don't make you different."

    –Drake, From Time

    Suggested by itskarina

    12. "Is hip hop just a euphemism for a new religion? The soul music of the slaves that the youth is missing."

    –Kanye West, Gorgeous

    Suggested by sofied48f9a0ab5

    13. "As a wise lady once said, love the skin you're in cause beauty has no rules. If they're tryna sell an impossible dream to a fool, then you ain't the fool to buy one."

    –Skepta, Somebody's Everything

    Suggested by burgerzandfriez

    14. "No law's gonna change us, we have to change us."

    –Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Same Love

    Suggested by jessiedowlahpghc2000

    16. "Let God deal with the things they do. Cause hate in your heart will consume you too."

    –Will Smith, Just the Two of Us

    Suggested by samanthag435ec0a37

    17. "There was nothing equal for my people in your math. You forced us in the ghetto and then you took our dads."

    –Lupe Fiasco, Strange Fruition

    Suggested by cecibeci

    18. "Every saint got a past, every sinner got a future. Every loser gotta win, and every winner gotta lose someday."

    –J Cole, Deja Vu

    Suggested by jessical4a184b705

    19. "'I am happy'. That's just the saddest lie."

    –Kid Cudi, Soundtrack 2 My Life

    Suggested by kaitlinc4f630a959

    20. "Love is not just a verb, it's you looking in the mirror."

    –Kendrick Lamar, Poetic Justice

    Suggested by amyp489bd158f

    21. "The plan was to drink until the pain's over. But what's worse, the pain or the hangover?"

    –Kanye West, Dark Fantasy

    Suggested by darktwistedfantasy

    23. "Fight for your rights, stand up and be heard. You're just as good as any man, believe that, word."

    –Salt N Pepa, Ain't Nuthing But A She Thang

    Suggested by Matty Cormier, Facebook

    24. "Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time."

    –Drake, Over My Dead Body

    Suggested by amandaw46a2de3b5

    25. "And the land of the free is full of free loaders, leave us dead in the street to be your organ donors."

    –Joey Bada$$, Land of the Free

    Suggested by kirstenn474274105

    26. "I can see you're sad even when you smile, even when you laugh I can see it in your eyes."

    –Eminem, Mockingbird

    Suggested by Mckeesport4Life

    27. "Cherish these nights, cherish these people. Life is a movie, but there'll never be a sequel."

    –Nicki Minaj, All Things Go

    Suggested by alejandromejia112400

    28. "Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud."

    –Kanye West, Homecoming

    Suggested by hvitur

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