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    10 Jan 2017

    PSA David From “Lilo & Stitch” Is Better Than All The Other Disney Princes

    Go home Prince Charming, you're shit.

    Look everyone knows the 2002 classic Lilo & Stitch is one of the greatest Disney films ever created.

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    Don't @ me. It's fact.

    But the one thing everyone overlooks is that David Kawena is actually the greatest Disney "prince" to ever grace our screens.

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    Sure he's a little goofy and kinda dumb at times, but he's literally only ever had Lilo and Nani's best interests at heart. Also maybe he's not technically a prince, but he should be.

    You see, Nani lets David know from the very start that she can't date him and instead of being on that petty friend-zone vibe, he's still there for her.

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    Like when Lilo tells David that they've been having a bad day, he doesn't pester and probe, he just offers relief.

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    What? No breaking curses with unconscious kisses? What would Prince Phillip do? Sad.

    He's also there when Nani needs someone to talk to, you know, even after he was rejected.

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    Peep that lack entitled friend-zone shit and actual friendship forming. I'm looking at you Prince Charming. All y'all did was dance and lose a shoe. Sad!

    Plus he's just always helping Nani out with her sister and their weird alien-dog.

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    Ugh, no forceful capturing and developing Stockholm syndrome in dusty, old mansions?? SAD!

    But most importantly, when Nani risked losing Lilo to the state, he helped her get a job to keep her sister.

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    Walt Disney Pictures

    Tumblr user flutiebear explains that David does this because he's actually talking about himself when he says that "everything was fine until you came along". David doesn't look at him when he delivers the line, meaning he's speaking to himself, blaming his own love as the reason for Nani losing Lilo.

    Nani did tell David from the start that the reason she couldn't date him was because she had to focus on caring for Lilo. So in his guilt, he helped her do the one thing she needed to do, proving his love didn't trump the importance of family.

    Like honestly, the worst thing he says in the whole film is a joke about Nani paying him back by dating him.

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    At the end of the day, he loved Nani but never forced his love on her. He let her know his feelings, and waited until she was ready. Which is exactly why at the end of the movie when she lets David into her life, the union feels so real.

    Team David Kawena and Nani Pelekai for queen and king of Disney forever. 💖

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