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People Are Praising Kendall Jenner For The Super-Creative Birthday Gift She Gave North

Damn. That would've been the dream for 4-year-old me.

Earlier this month, lil' baby North West turned the big 4 years old.

And while North probably got a bunch of gifts, mama Kim Kardashian decided that Aunty Kendall's deserved to be shown to the world.

Kendall's birthday present to North is so AMAZING! #AuntieKendall

Instead of something expensive and lavish, Kendall got North a science book and packed individual ingredient bags for her favourite experiments.

And people agreed with Kim, praising Kendall for the creative and thoughtful gift.

Kendall's gift to North on Kim's snap story is SO cute! Not some designer outfit or whatever but actually really creative.

Kendall's gift for north is just sooo cute ☺️💜

Kendall's birthday gift to North was honestly so creative, I love Auntie Kendall❤

Kendall's gift to North is so nice and educational. Such a cute auntie.💓

Kendall's gift to North is actually so cute and thoughtful. I can't

Some even felt a little inspired by Aunt Kenny's present.

One of my goals in life is to be as cute of an aunt as Kendall is to North

ok but go check out the gift from north to kendall on kims snap thats so cute n fun i love it im inspired

But of course, as with anything Kardashian/Jenner, others had ~something~ to say about the gift.

I wonder which one of Kendall Jenner's assistants got all of North's birthday present ingredients that Kim posted on Insta

that "science book" that kendall got north looks more like an art book

Regardless, I'm sure North loved it. Never change, Aunty Kendall. 💗💗