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    8 May 2017

    People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Family Members Who Dated Celebrities In High School

    In the words of Kanye, "My best friend says she used to fuck with Usher."

    Y'all remember Usher's early music, right?


    You know, the songs full of love and loss? Like the hella sad stuff in "My Boo" and "U Remind Me"?

    Well, recently @AbneyCamryn posted on Twitter that her sister, Jade, used to date Usher back in high school...

    I'm dead my sis use to date usher in high school and she just now telling me this smh

    ...and people are convinced that she might actually be the young love that Usher was always singing about.

    @AbneyCamryn This the girl he was talking about on that "u remind me"

    @AbneyCamryn "It started when we were younger you were mine"

    @AbneyCamryn This is her confession

    You see, "My Boo" talks about young love and first kisses, which means it's highly likely that Jade is actually the girl the song is about.


    Some even started suggesting that Jade hit up Usher now that all this information is out in the open.

    @AbneyCamryn @Sinful_Loveee She got dm him with the 'hey big head'

    @AbneyCamryn Your sister going in them DMs like "hey, hey, hey daddy"😍

    The tweet also inspired others to share images of their family members dating other celebrities back in the day.

    @AbneyCamryn girl my aunt use to date Jay Z too smh. They so foolish 😂

    @fuckupthefunn @AbneyCamryn shittttt my uncle Lyndall used to date Beyoncé but we knew this one

    @AbneyCamryn Thath cwazy. My mom uth to date Mike Tython back in the day

    @AbneyCamryn shiddd.. my auntie & tupac used to mess also 😂😂

    1. But really, back to the important question here: Do you think "My Boo" is about Jade?

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    But really, back to the important question here: Do you think "My Boo" is about Jade?
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      Seems pretty damn unlikely.
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      Um, I'm 100% sure it is.
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      Maybe. I just don't know what to think anymore.

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