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I Recreated A Dish By "MasterChef" Australia's "Dessert King" And He Was Not Very Impressed

If you need tweezers to plate it, it's too much.

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Hello everyone, I'm Michelle. I'm a writer and, well, just not a very good cook. And this is Reynold, the "king of desserts" from MasterChef. So I guess you could say he's a very good cook.

All images in this post by Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed

Since placing fourth in MasterChef in 2015, he's gone to open KOI Dessert Bar in Sydney with his brothers.

Recently, because I love pain and despair, I agreed to let Reynold put me through a MasterChef-style Pressure Test.

A Pressure Test requires you to recreate a recipe under a time limit. You get to see and taste the dish before cooking then you're given the recipe, and you're on your way. But before we get into it, I'm just going to reiterate, once more, that I am a shit cook.

He got me to try and make one of his signature desserts, The Little Garden.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

It's a fuck-off ridiculous, nine-element dessert with a recipe that spans over three pages. And yes, I was shitting it.


So, with my ganache pretty fucked up but as good as it was going to get, I decided to move onto my ice cream. And boy, oh boy, did I really fuck that up.

Like, I don't actually know how it got to this point. The cooking process was going fine, but when I went to strain it, it was a lumpy mess. I did try to blend it back together in an attempt to save it, before putting it in the ice cream machine and praying to the gods for the best.


However, the same really couldn't be said about my honeycomb.

Look, no one tells you just how damn complex making honeycomb actually is. You need a THERMOMETER for the sugar. The sugar needs to be heated to EXACTLY 160°C and you can only whisk in the bi-carb for a certain amount of time otherwise it burns???? Nah, fam. That's honestly too much work.


You can watch the Pressure Test in action here.

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