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21 Foods That Confused The Shit Out Of You When You Were Younger

Oh, btw, I still stand by half of these being magic.

1. Those lollipops that doubled as a full-functioning WHISTLE.

2. And that sauce which was tomato-flavoured but came out of the bottle green or purple.

3. Those flavoured straws which would only change the milk when you sucked on the straw.

4. That gum which started off as dust then just magically turned into gum in your mouth.

5. Those spicy-as-fuck Listerine sheets that were basically a bunch of mouthwash packed into a tiny piece of plastic.

6. Crystal Pepsi, which somehow looked like motherfucking water but tasted NOTHING like it.

7. And blue Pepsi, which straight-up just looked like washing detergent.

8. Those white rabbit candies that had the weird paper layer that you could actually eat.

9. And those hard candies that could have whatever you wanted written in the middle of them.

10. That dinosaur egg oatmeal where the eggs would somehow hatch when you heated it up.

11. And those magical spoons that changed colour whenever you put them in your cereal milk.

12. Those freeze-dried space ice creams that never, ever melted.

13. And Space Food Sticks, which actual astronauts ate and you could too.

14. Pop Rocks, which somehow managed to blow your mouth up for like five minutes from just a tiny bit.

15. Those little Dippin' Dots balls that didn't stick together and didn't melt, but still tasted like proper ice cream.

16. And Calippo Shots, which somehow did the same thing despite sitting in the corner shop freezer for ages.

17. Pitch Black Mountain Dew, which fucked with EVERYTHING you thought the drink was meant to be.

18. And 3D Doritos, which messed with the entire concept of potato chips being flat.

19. Those Orbitz drinks with the edible balls in them that made them look like lava lamps.

20. Those printed Roll-Ups that had actual tattoos that were safe to transfer onto your tongue.

21. And these exact lollies, which no one ever bought but somehow magically appeared literally EVERYWHERE.