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People Are Really Fucking Devo That Sunnyboys Are Being Taken From Us

Gone but never forgotten. :'(

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As if the Australian people haven't gone through enough loss, The Daily Drinks Co. have announced that the long-loved Sunnyboy is no more.

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In a statement, they explained that it was all because of "sustained reduction in consumer demand over a long period of time".

In other words, this is all our own fault.
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In other words, this is all our own fault.

But praise be, they also made sure to let everyone know that Zooper Doopers and Quelch are safe from the chop.

Bruh, what the fuck is a Quelch??
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Bruh, what the fuck is a Quelch??

It's pretty clear that Aussies are reeling from the announcement.

AUSTRALIA! You can't get rid of SunnyBoys that's like getting rid of Vegemite and Shannon Noll. You just can't #RIPSunnyBoys #SunnyBoy

Devo, completely devo - I have Sunnyboy eating down to an art, starting at the hard less flavoured corner to get th…

what the fuck is the point of summer if I can't have a Sunnyboy anymore

But some are actually pretty level-headed about all of this.

If all the people feigning sadness and outrage at the demise of #sunnyboy had actually bought them, then they wouldnt be getting the chop.

Y'all upset about #sunnyboy need to take a hard look at yourselves and answer the question, 'when was the last time you actually ate one?'

But don't worry we'll always have Zooper Doopers, well, at least for now.