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    18 Hilarious Tweets About The First Episode Of "Life Of Kylie"

    Don't worry, Kylie: I never drive my Lamborghini either.


    I love Kylie but she just said "I didn't get to grow up normal it's just so hard"...well paying bills is hard we can switch lol #LifeofKylie


    watching life of kylie & choked on my almonds when she said she "felt bad" for not driving her lambo enough


    Sorry Kylie, I'm not about to waste my time & learn about the "struggles" a privileged rich teenager has faced. Nex…


    does kylie jenner really think her show can compete with game of thrones at 9 pm on sundays


    Why they giving Kylie's walnut headass a show bitch don't even know how to iron


    Wow never thought id identify with kylie jenner until i saw her with her 5 dogs on a couch #LifeofKylie


    "I've never worn a prom dress" honey you wore a gown at a met gala I'd love to switch if you want a prom dress so bad #LifeofKylie


    I can't wait to feel so poor watching Life of Kylie tonight


    When you don't understand how Albert is pressed for a date!?!?#LifeOfKylie


    should i stay in and watch the life of kylie or go out and get blackout drunk. either way im tryna lose brain cells 2night


    I can't be the only one wondering how Jordyn randomly had this kid's mom's number. #LifeofKylie


    "I try to force myself to take the Lambo" #LifeofKylie I thought this was supposed to show a different side


    Kylie: I hate being famous and this isn't really for me. Also kylie: I'm doing a reality show now. I'm confused.#LifeofKylie


    Seeing Kylie Heeley-ing on #LifeOfKylie just spoke to me on another level😂


    kylie told jordyn "you literally look like beyonce"


    Kylie to her assistant: "Victoria! Can you go like, pet the dogs or something?" Whet. #LifeOfKylie


    Who's watching #LifeOfKylie? I can totally relate to her. She doesn't drive her Lambo and neither do I.


    Me watching but hiding it from my friends that I'm interested #LifeofKylie

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