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24 Times Karl Pilkington Was, Unintentionally, The Funniest Man Alive

"Do you know, if you had five photos of anuses, I could not point mine out."

1. When he called out the Great Wall of China for the sham it is.

2. And pointed out the realities of the pyramids.

3. When he got a life-sized Twix coffin made for him and his girlfriend.

4. And when he got her the most sentimental of gifts.

5. When Karl ~tried~ to find the beauty in life.

6. And when he attempted to find his ride home.

7. When he dragged Venice's old art.

8. And the whole damn concept of Egypt's pyramids.

9. When Karl called a pack of snow dogs "twats" for just doing their job.

10. But somehow found a way to relate to a lizard.

11. When he got everyone thinking about the point of Easter eggs.

12. And more importantly, the point of volcanoes.

13. When he struggled to understand the relationship between man and insect.

14. And, well, the relationship between stick and insect even more.

15. When Karl wasn't afraid to judge the fashion given to him.

16. Time and time again.

17. When he was rightfully skeptical of eating at Celso's.

18. And when he really just didn't get the appeal of all this new technology.

19. When he realised pizza was more important than the view.

20. But still had the nerve to cheekily nick a piece of it as a souvenir.

21. When Karl knew that "accessible" in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's minds was anything but.

22. And when he just had to deal with Ricky's dickhead behaviour.

23. When Karl treated Warwick Davis as the kite he never had as a kid.

24. And when he made this pretty damn valid point.