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    17 Photos That Prove The World Simply Isn't Worthy Of Service Dogs

    I need a moment. I think I've drowned in my own tears.

    1. This patient pup who waited for his portrait to be painted.

    @cutiechaser_ / Via Twitter: @cutiechaser_

    2. And this one in training who just couldn't handle all the fun of Disneyland.

    @laurenp898 / Via Twitter: @laurenp898

    3. This smart pupper who was given an honorary master's degree for sitting through all his owner's classes.

    @Burnsiah / Via

    4. And this one who could barely stay awake for any classes at all.

    @jackerlope / Via Twitter: @jackerlope

    5. This guide dog meeting his ultimate cartoon dog idol.

    @twoevilsdan / Via Twitter: @twoevilsdan

    6. And this one who just wished he was part of the pack.

    @emoprincess1189 / Via Twitter: @emoprincess1189

    7. This helpful pup who was the most perfect grocery shopping companion.

    @helper_dog_harlow / Via

    8. And this one who was just trying to be like all of the dogs in the movies.

    @DeeJayGerwin / Via Twitter: @DeeJayGerwin

    9. This service dog who scrubbed up well for his owner's military ball.

    @ jasonandaxel / Via

    10. And this one who was ready to celebrate his birthday, jersey and all.

    @red_cst_service_dawg / Via

    11. This big guide dog teaching this smaller guide pupper how to be good at his job.

    @RidersBrooks / Via Twitter: @RidersBrooks

    12. And this one who's totally chill hanging out with all kinds of smaller animals.

    @skyeelena / Via

    13. These service pups who are total professionals at testing things for safety.

    @Service Dog Finley / Via Facebook: Servicedogfinley

    14. And this one who tests all soft toys for quality assurance.

    @WeAdmireAnimals / Via Twitter: @WeAdmireAnimals

    15. This camo-clad pup who donned noise-cancelling headphones so his owner could enjoy a concert.

    @amandaklee206 / Via Twitter: @amandaklee206

    16. And this one who is always just dressed appropriately.

    @_adriannahealy_ / Via Twitter: @_adriannahealy_

    17. Plus, of course, this blind pup with a guide dog all his own.

    @UlrichJvV / Via Twitter: @UlrichJvV

    I simply cannot deal. 😭😭

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