19 Quokka Photos So Cute They'll Make You Scream At Your Phone In Delight

    I don't care what anyone says, they ARE the happiest animal in the world.

    1. Rottnest Island in Western Australia is home to the largest population of quokkas in the country.

    2. Which means they're all over the island...

    3. ...making for endless photo opportunities.

    4. And their smiling faces mean that no matter the angle you choose, they're always cute.

    5. Seriously.

    6. Whether it's from afar...

    7. ...or from down low.

    8. Hell, even from behind.

    9. Your photo is pretty much guaranteed to be adorable every time.

    10. They're inquisitive and curious little creatures.

    11. Who love to eat...

    12. ...and are all about staying hydrated.

    13. But while they're pretty friendly, they do have sharp claws so you should be careful.

    14. Though don't let that make you think they're unapproachable.

    15. Because they're ALWAYS ready for a photo.

    16. And are never caught off-guard.

    17. Let's face it, they're pretty much the most photogenic animal in the world.

    18. And really just stay undefeated on the cuteness scale.