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14 Fake-Sounding Food Combos That You Can Actually Eat In Sydney

I drooled at least six times while making this.

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1. A cheesy Twisties burger from Burger Head, Penrith.

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2. And a carb-loaded Mi Goreng toastie from Dutch Smuggler, CBD.

3. A gooey mac 'n' cheese croissant from Cuckoo Callay, Newtown.

4. And a serve of piping hot cheeseburger spring rolls from Ms G's, Potts Point.

5. A drool-worthy Nutella dessert burger from Bay Vista Dessert Bar, Parramatta and Brighton Le Sands.

6. And an indulgent Nutella kebab from Tella Balls Dessert Bar, Dulwich Hill.

7. A perfectly-wrapped sushi burrito from Sushirito Juicery, Chippendale.

8. And a picture-perfect sushi doughnut from Fish Market Cafe, CBD.

9. A decadent bowl of chocolate pasta from Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar, Rockdale.

10. And a fluffy bao burger from Belly Bao, Newtown.

11. A bowl of sticky, hot honey and halloumi chips from EAT GRK, Beverly Hills.

12. And a magical mac 'n' cheese and potato gems poutine concoction from Banh Meats and Co, Burwood.

13. A crunchy plate of lotus root chip nachos from Suey Sins, Surry Hills.

14. And an extra AF Bloody Mary with a literal cheeseburger for a garnish from Bloody Mary's, Darlinghurst.