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    18 Things That Were The Fidget Spinner Of The 2000s

    Can you do a sick kick flip on a fidget spinner? No? Thought so.

    1. Those mini skateboards you flipped with your fingers.

    @dankfalafel / Via

    2. A brightly-coloured Tamagotchi, if not multiple.

    @calei2_copio / Via

    3. Those Scoobie strings that you braided into some weird bracelet or keychain.

    @taleahaylarh_x / Via

    4. Pogs covered in your fave cartoon characters, or the random ones that came straight out of your chip packets.

    @django_retroman / Via

    5. Those ~totally legit~ bracelets that revealed just how dirty you were if you broke them.

    @shadestarhemp / Via

    6. And the slap bands you threw on your wrist with excessive force, or that you broke from fiddling with too much.

    @fernup4lyfe / Via

    7. Those weird tubes filled with liquid that, looking back, kinda made you feel like you were practicing for future hand jobs.

    @leavealegacy6 / Via

    8. Beyblades and all other off-brand zip spinner toys.

    @lukespi_95 / Via

    9. This needy bitch you had to take care of in her Pixel Chix house.

    10. Those strange Bakugan balls that popped open when they touched anything magnetic.

    11. And these Pokémon cards, that did absolutely nothing, but for some reason everyone still owned them.

    @thehutchinator / Via

    12. Plus Crazy Bones, that had no real purpose beyond simply existing because they were oddly-shaped.

    @justmikethatsme / Via

    13. Those water ring toss toys that everyone owned but no one ever actually bought.

    14. Like eight random Mighty Beanz that were fun because of the noise they made as they flopped down hills.

    @nickliebhauser / Via

    15. Those animal-shaped rubber bands everyone wore around their wrists for no damn good reason.

    @joeykingactress / Via

    16. And those paper chatterboxes that revealed every aspect of your future.

    @carrie_mudd / Via

    17. Any multi-coloured pen with more than three colours that everyone tried to press all at once.

    18. And the ultimate old school fidget spinner: A plain, old pen twirling between your fingers.

    @_krystapper / Via

    This post was inspired by this Reddit thread.

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