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    So Blue Doritos Are A Thing Now And They Taste As Good As They Look

    My tongue is still blue and I only ate five. Doritos please explain.

    Hi, I'm Michelle and like most good humans out there, I LOVE chips and weird shit.

    So when I heard that there were BLUE DORITOS out there, I just knew I had to hunt down those lil' blue motherfuckers.

    My ankle was strapped and it was raining, but I was DETERMINED.

    I had to hit up three different spots before I found them and I gagged when I had to pay $6 FOR ONE BAG.

    So I tried them, and I just don't know. They're meant to be lime- and pepper-flavoured but they were weirdly sweet, kinda tangy, and had pretty much no pepper.

    Look, I also forgot to mention that I'm sick and I've been eating really hot soup so my tongue is burnt AF. And do you know what doesn't go well with burnt tongues? LIME. JESUS CHRIST, LIME. AVOID LIME AT ALL COSTS.

    These bad boys have nothing on the normal cheese-flavoured Doritos but they do make your tongue blue, which is fun if you like that kinda thing.

    All in all, they're fine. Like, if you enjoy average chips that cost you $6 a pop then you'll probably love them.

    Fortunately these blue Doritos are only available for a limited time and you can probably find them somewhere near you.