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    22 Secrets Vets Want You To Know

    Dogs would eat their own shit, so they're definitely OK with eating dog food every day.

    1. Vets get paid nowhere near as much as you think they do.

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    A first-year vet earns between $40-50k on average in Australia, which is less than the cost of the university course to become a vet.

    2. And unlike doctors, vets don't receive any government support.


    While veterinary bills are often expensive, much of this money is used to maintain medical equipment.

    3. Things that repulse average members of the public are quite enjoyable activities for vets.

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    "Most of us love cutting into and squeezing masses of pus out of big abscesses," Dr Tim from Karratha Vet Hospital told BuzzFeed.

    4. Dogs and cats injure more vets than almost any other animal.

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    5. And it's not pit bulls that bite the most, it's chihuahuas.

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    However, vets have to try not to be prejudiced or "breedist". If you expect an animal to be challenging, that can change your perception of their behaviour and in turn how they respond to you.

    6. Puppy school is actually a good thing, but only if it's done right.

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    It gives them positive experiences with other dogs, but if the class isn't run carefully, dogs can be traumatised by it, making them terrified and anxious.

    7. Vets legally have to treat any unwell animal brought to them, but can refuse to deal with a pet's owner.


    People who become abusive or violent can be asked to leave the premises.

    8. When people give up their pets because they can't afford surgery, the animals often go to animal rehoming organisations.

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    But if the animals cannot be rehomed, every effort is made by vets and vet nurses to avoid euthanasia of rehomable animals.

    9. Most vets will take a financial loss to ensure injured animals get the treatment they need. / Via

    Especially when it comes to wildlife and stray animals with no owners.

    10. Veterinary students do work on your pets, but are always supervised by qualified vets.

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    Students are only allowed to do things that the qualified vet believes they can do competently, because they're responsible for any accidents that occur.

    11. Everyone is overfeeding their dogs, because everyone is paranoid about underfeeding them.

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    It's very uncommon to see underfed animals. Overweight animals can get diseases like arthritis and diabetes, which can really make their lives miserable.

    12. Pet vitamins and supplements are a waste of time if your dog already eats high-quality, balanced commercial food.

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    Of course fish oil supplements will help if your dog has arthritis or a skin disease, but if your dog is healthy they're just not necessary.

    13. And don't be afraid of your dog eating the same thing every day, because your dog would literally eat its own shit if you let it.

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    Feeding your dog "human food" is unnecessary because the food that's been researched and designed specifically for dogs is literally all that they need.

    14. It only takes a tiny amount of chocolate to put your pet in danger.

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    Dogs and cats are sensitive to caffeine and chocolate, and 7.5g of dry cocoa powder can easily put a 10kg dog in danger.

    15. Vets use their stethoscopes to avoid having to listen to pet owners ramble on.


    Some people continue to talk after they've shared all the information they need to, so vets will occasionally listen to the animal's heartbeat a little longer than necessary.

    16. And one of their biggest pet peeves are people who bring in animals at 5pm on a Friday when they've been sick for days.


    17. Pets can actually suffer from anxiety and depression like humans.


    While a lot of owners can feel uncomfortable with giving their pets antidepressants, they're often the only way to correct the chemical imbalances in their brain.

    18. Brushing your dog's teeth is much, much better than giving them a bone to chew on.

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    For most dogs, bones won't ever cause a problem. But sometimes the bones can break their teeth or give them stomach blockages.

    19. Just because your dog's nose is wet doesn't mean your dog is healthy.

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    The wetness of your dog's nose has literally zero bearing on its health.

    20. Human shampoo is actually really bad for your dog's skin.

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    Humans and dogs have different skin pH, and even baby shampoo can cause them problems. The best thing to use is oatmeal-based shampoo for pets.

    21. The best part of being a vet is making a difference.

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    "Any time I feel that someone (human or animal) is better off for my input, I’m happy. If an animal comes in miserable and leaves happy, my heart swells,"

    Dr Tim shared.

    22. Oh, and yeah, it's very easy to blame a fart on an animal that doesn't speak English.


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