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Um, So Frozen Oak Is Now A Thing And It's Actually Fucking Delicious

Slurpees are so 2016.

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I decided to track down this mystical treat and try it for myself.

The closest Frozen Oak servo to the Sydney CBD is Caltex in Neutral Bay. After calling to confirm that the machine was, in fact, working, I hopped in a Uber and went on my way.

When I got there, I quickly passed the boring Slurpee machine and locked eyes with the majestic choccy milk dispenser.

I'm going to be honest. When it first came out of the machine, it did kinda look like literal shit. But the attendant assured me that it was really nice, and even though he was probably just trying to sell me one, I had faith.

Upon my first sip, I realised that this drink was THICC AF. But the effort required to get the drink through the straw was so very worth it. It was like a magical, heavenly, cold milk injection. Perfect.

According to this list of providers, there are currently seven stores in Sydney that stock the drink.

@Western Sydney Starter Packs / Via Facebook: westsydstarterpacks

For some reason when I contacted Oak via Facebook for more information, all they did was read receipt me. Rude.