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22 Food Facts That Are Really Just 100% True

If you don't pull apart the colours on your rainbow straps, don't talk to me.

1. The tastiest chips are the ones you find left over in the bottom of the bag.

2. And eating the limbs of your animal crackers first makes them taste better.

3. String cheese MUST be pulled apart, otherwise it tastes horrendous.

4. Also, rainbow candy straps have the most flavour when you tear the colours apart.

5. All liquids taste better in glass bottles over cans and plastic.

6. But syrup-mix drinks you get at fast-food places are the BEST.

7. Mac 'n' cheese in fun shapes tastes far superior to normal macaroni.

8. And dinosaur nuggets taste totally different to normal ones.

9. Gatorade tastes 100% better in this bottle.

10. And brown M&M's taste more like chocolate than any of the other colours.

11. Pizza somehow tastes even better when you eat it cold in the morning for breakfast.

12. And the flavour of apples is vastly improved once they're sliced up.

13. Sandwiches ALWAYS taste better if someone else makes them.

14. And they taste the best when they're cut diagonally.

15. Every single bottled water tastes different, and everyone has their favourite.

16. And drinks taste better when you drink them from a straw.

17. The flavour of Asian food is the greatest when you eat it with chopsticks.

18. But it tastes the best when it's all just piled up in a styrofoam box.

19. The folded chips taste better than the flat ones.

20. But whole, flat Dorito triangles are superior to the broken ones.

21. Cereal tastes the best when you eat it for dinner instead of breakfast.

22. And above all, free food tastes better than everything else.