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21 Questions Dogs Need To Answer Immediately

We already know the answer to "Wanna go for a walk?"

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1. Are you ever NOT hungry?

2. What goes on in that little head of yours while you sleep?

3. Do you feel ridiculous when you're wearing clothes?

4. Do you really love your human or is it all about the treats?

5. Does every dog's butt smell different?

6. Do you ever get sick of eating the same chow every day?

7. Does underwear really taste that great?

8. Who's actually your favorite?

9. Do you have to mark your territory on EVERY tree?

10. Do you actually hate squirrels or do you just want to be their friend?

11. Is it necessary that you rip the squeaker out of every toy? You know those cost money, right?

12. What do you really expect to happen when the doorbell rings?

13. Can you smell your own breath? And do you agree that it's sometimes rank?

14. Are you seeing ghosts when you randomly bark?

15. Why do you hate the bath so much?

16. Why do you insist on puking in the bed when the floor is right there?

17. What do you get out of licking toes?

18. Do you purposely ignore us humans sometimes?

19. Does digging on a surface really make it more comfortable?

20. Do you know how much you're loved?

21. And lastly, WHO'S A GOOD GIRL?!

(or boy)

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