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17 Times Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Were The Funniest Parents On Twitter

"My genius baby just invented the new Hollywood diet: sand!!"

1. When their baby Jack was only a few months old and not sleeping.

2. And when Chris figured out his go-to lullaby.

Keep singing Gloriana's new song "Can't Shake You" to my infant son just as a reminder to myself.

3. When Anna took Jack to the train museum.

Train museum! For the 120th time!!!

4. And again.

5. When Anna was somewhat disappointed that Jack didn't inherit any superhuman abilities.

I feel really lucky to have birthed the child of Star Lord-though I'm slightly annoyed that our son can't fly. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

6. Though it sounds like Jack inherited some other skills from his 'rents.

My son just threw his fork across the room-and when Chris made him apologize Jack said"I can't!I can't see!I'm so sick!" An actor prepares!

7. Including their sense of humor.

245 pm. My son just told me I had a mustache like daddy's. #ThanksgivingThrowdown

8. When, in a series of tweets, Chris realized Jack had tweeted from his account.

Hahahahaahaa!!! Jack was watching some video on my phone and somehow posted about play-doh to my twitter. Oh man!!! 😂😂😂 or is he a genius?

9. He was definitely relieved it was just Jack.

I got diarrhea for a second cause I thought I got hacked.

10. But still! That could've been bad.

Oh thank God he didn't find my drafts folder. Little shit. 😂😂😂

11. When Anna was totally impressed by her son's brilliance.

My genius baby just invented the new hollywood diet: sand!! Kid-tested, mother-approved (it's sooo cheap!)

12. Just a year old and he already was self-sufficient.

So awesome my child can feed himself-now I can go back to bed

13. And a few years later, he's inventing space boats!

The numbers aren't in yet-but we're expecting jack's IQ to be 140+ considering the space boat he built

14. When Anna took her eye off Jack for just a moment.

You know how when your child goes into your bathroom and gets quiet? And things seem okay? Then your eyeliner is gone

15. And another moment.

You know how when you're talking to a friend, catching up, and your child is playing quietly in the other room? Huh.

16. When Anna let Chris know how well potty training was going.

Potty training is going so great! I'm a natural! @prattprattpratt

17. And he was totally impressed.

Those are swim shorts. Put him in the pool and that's perfectly acceptable behavior. I'm proud of both of you. https://t.co/XU5uBaRDKh

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