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21 Times Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Were The Best Couple On Twitter

The couple that tweets together stays together.

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1. When Dax tried to convince Kristen this chair was a good buy:

2. Though he did convince Kristen to ride on his motorcycle like this:

3. When Dax sent Kristen THE best "happy birthday" tweets anyone could ask for:

On this day, many moons ago, the greatest wife, mother(of dragons) and friend arrived. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my l❤ve @IMKristenBell

4. And Kristen always had the best replies:

@daxshepard1 you're gonna get thirty sex tonight ya stud!!!

5. D'aww:

Thank you for the most beautiful birthday morning @daxshepard1!!!! Its so fun getting old along side u :)


1 universe 8 planets 196 countries 778 islands 5 oceans And I had the privilege of meeting you.

7. When Dax showed off Kristen's Parenthood-themed gift to him:

Yet another example of my wife's unparalleled thoughtfulness @IMKristenBell #luncheonettelives

8. When Kristen revealed their extensive collection of matching pajamas:

You think we stop at matching Xmas sweaters? One word. Jammies. @daxshepard1

9. And proved they actually wear them:

10. YES.

Roll call! Boys in green, girls in red: @daxshepard1

11. When they made plans to get a sitter so they could see Lady Gaga in concert:

12. When they showered each other with compliments:

@IMKristenBell you're everything I am, plus you're hot and you can sing. And you're nicer.

13. And PDA:

This guy could give a shit @IMKristenBell

14. When they were both responsible for diaper duty:

I’d like to publicly thank my husband @daxshepard1 for changing half the diapers in our house. I hope he changes all of mine one day…

15. And singing duty:

@RubenAlex97 @IMKristenBell we sing in unison every night to our girls. Me terribly, her sublime.

16. When Kristen was Dax's biggest fan:

Don't forget the season finale of #parenthood airs TONIGHT!!! Ill be watching cuz I have a major crush on @daxshepard1 :)

17. And he was hers:

Congratulations to that most talented and most deserving wife of mine @IMKristenBell. Frozen 2!!!!!! More Frozed!

18. Even if he didn't quite get the words right to "Let It Go":

Knowing @daxshepard1 always refers to the song “let it go” as “let it snow” is reason #54,587,926,682 why I adore him.

19. When they couldn't contain their Game of Thrones obsession:

We took the GOT premier SUPER serious. @IMKristenBell is my khaleesi.

20. Or their Dateline one:

Thank you @dateline_keith for always guiding us (@IMKristenBell) safely by the hand through the dark, morbid, often fatal, twists and turns

21. And when they showed us exactly what it looks like when they're "tweeting their fool heads off":

@jessieaton @daxshepard1 no need to imagine it girl:

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