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It's Actually Adorable That Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Do Puzzles

Now this is GOALS.

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Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are easily one of the greatest celebrity couples of our time.

And one of the cutest things about them is that they love doing jigsaw puzzles together. Lucky for us, Megan's been sharing their completed puzzles on Twitter since August 2015.

Behold, 17 incredible photos of Nick and Megan posing with their beloved puzzles that were no doubt constructed with LOVE:

1. "Ferrari F430 Spider"

2. "Magic Moments"

3. "First Creation in Eden"

4. "Little Gentleman"

5. "Blossom Dreams"

6. "Homage"

7. "In the Full Moonlight"

8. "Zodiac"

According to Megan, this one glows in the dark!
Twitter: @MeganOMullally

According to Megan, this one glows in the dark!

9. "My Little Friend"

10. "Callin' the Blue"

11. "Callin' the Red"

12. "Ever Interceding"

13. "Magnolia Morning"

14. "Enchanted Garden"

15. "The Artist's Wife"

16. "The Blessed Hope"

17. "Spring Angel"

So there you have it. The couple that puzzles together, stays together.

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