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Steph Curry Faceswapped With His Wax Figure And It's Low-Key Terrifying

That faceswap tho...

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Back in October, Madame Tussauds San Francisco announced a Steph Curry wax figure was in the works.

Yesterday, that wax figure was unveiled, and the Curry fam was there to see it for themselves.

Instagram: @ayeshacurry


It's gotta be pretty scary to meet a wax version of your dad.

Beck Diefenbach / Stringer

And apparently, baby Ryan wasn't too happy about it.

The Curry's newest edition made Ryan cry.

On the other hand, big sister Riley had no problem welcoming Wax Dad into the fam.

Beck Diefenbach / Getty Images

As far as wax figures go, this one is pretty legit, right???

Beck Diefenbach / Getty Images

With a quick glance you might think this is just another pic of Ayesha and Steph being cute.

Beck Diefenbach / Getty Images

Steph even faceswapped with the thing.

Steph face swap with his new wax figure 😂😂😂

Curry Family Christmas Card 2016???

Beck Diefenbach / Getty Images

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