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Try To Watch Jake Gyllenhaal And Jimmy Fallon Spit On Each Other Without Gagging


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Last night on The Tonight Show, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon acted out scenes from the pretend ‘80s cop show, Point Pleasant Police Department.


And TBH, good luck getting through this segment without gagging.

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Basically, Jake and Jimmy play two detectives, Parker and Pete, who speak in a lot of P's.


The plot? Who knows. But the point is that the two spit everything they put in their mouths out at each other.


The first clip was mainly crackers and coffee, and was pretty weak compared to what followed.

The second clip really kicked it up a notch with apples, milkshakes, prosecco, and Powerade.


But it was pumpkin pie that really came in clutch for Jimmy.

In the third clip there was no dialogue, just a lot of food and a lot of spit.


If this were a competition, it's safe to say Jake definitely won.

Welp, that was fun.