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23 Adorable Puppies In Their Sunday Best

Must be ruff lookin' this good.

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1. Thunder, who knows gingham is always in style.

2. This newfie, who loves a pop of color.

3. Neptune, who could definitely model for Tommy Bahama.

4. Kloie, who knows springtime is all about the florals.

5. This pom, who isn't afraid of a little color blocking.

6. Hazel, who loves her polkadots.

7. Brisket, who agrees orange is the new black.

8. Peanut, who's showing some hometown pride.

9. Dudley, whose glasses are just for looks.

10. Gigi Chanel, who only goes out looking her best.

11. Jack, who wants you to know he's a professional.

12. Rosie, whose bow game is on point.

13. This Frenchie, who has some tips for pulling off horizontal stripes.

14. Opie, who'd never leave the house without a stylish coat.

15. This Iggy, who knows purple is the color of royalty.

16. Atlas, who thinks a single statement piece is all you really need.

17. Kirby, who's really working that lime green scarf.

18. Diesel, who attracts all the dogs with his plaid bowtie.

19. This Shiba, who believes less is more.

20. Lardon, who is the definition of dapper.

21. Tora, who roots for her team in style.

22. Siem, who knows a good bandana when he sees one.

23. And Bruce, who takes his Sunday best very seriously.

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