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16 Pictures You Won’t Understand Unless You Shop At Aldi

Where do you keep your Aldi quarter?

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1. Your trusty Aldi quarter in its designated spot:

2. When you forget that quarter and get creative:

3. Or just see how much you can carry:

4. Though you might get lucky if someone was feeling generous (or lazy) that day:

5. When you go in for one thing and come out with new gym equipment:

6. Or maybe an inflatable pool and archery set:

7. The line at the register since only, like, two people work in the whole store:

8. But you won't be waiting too long because:

9. When you find the off-brand substitute you're looking for:

10. The satisfaction of remembering your bags:

11. Or when you forget them and your groceries ride up front with you:

12. Or in the back:

13. A bargain you'd only see at Aldi:

14. When you really only wanted one of something, but you either buy it in bulk or not at all:

15. Your receipt after an Aldi haul:

16. And when you lay out everything you bought and think, damn I did good today.

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