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Oh My God, There's Actually Going To Be A "High School Musical 4"


ATTENTION WILDCATS: High School Musical 4 is officially happening!

You might have heard this news before, back in 2008 when Disney confirmed that the script for High School Musical 4 was already in the works.

Or maybe you remember that in 2009, Disney announced that HSM 4 would premiere on Disney Channel in 2010.

Well, after six years of no HSM 4, faith has finally been restored. Today, in an official press release (so it's real this time, promise!), Disney announced a nationwide casting search for the new movie!

There's going to be new team of Wildcats and a crosstown rival, the West High Knights.

Disney told BuzzFeed that HSM 4 wouldn't be released for at least another year, depending on casting.

Well, let's just keep our fingers crossed for a Troy Bolton cameo.