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18 Times Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Were The Funniest Couple On Twitter

We don't talk about them enough!

1. First of all, if you haven't been keeping up with their puzzles, you're seriously missing out.

2. For obvious reasons, their most iconic puzzle of all was "Magic Moments." The pics made for the perfect Valentine's Day greeting in 2016...

3. ...and in 2017.

4. In general, Megan's really great at wishing Nick a happy holiday...

5. ...and a happy birthday.

happy birthday, darling i hope you get everything on your list @Nick_Offerman

6. Megan and Nick are both great at captioning photos.

7. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

"Honey, have you seen my condoms?" @MeganOMullally

8. And understanding when no caption is needed at all.

9. Their dogs only add to the excellence of their tweets.

nick's really gone downhill since parks and rec, you guys advice welcome @Nick_Offerman

10. They love a good "current mood" joke.

11. Usually it's a sex-related mood.

12. Actually, most of their tweets to each other are sex-related...

13. ...which isn't really surprising. The name of their tour was, in fact, Summer of 69: No Apostrophe.

sex tape forthcoming @Nick_Offerman #Gumption

14. It's just who they are.

15. Plus, some opportunities are too good to pass on.

16. It's not every day you see a cardboard cutout of your husband...

17. ...a really fine beaver...

One of the finest beavers I've seen since marrying Megan Mullally! #Vancouver #WesternRedCedar

18. ...or a great set of jugs.

In conclusion: Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are hilarious and filthy and WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?