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Amy Schumer Has Set The Friendship Bar Seriously High

"I'm not going to let her get drunk alone."

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The incredible Amy Schumer recently sat down with Vanity Fair for their May issue, and some pretty adorable things were revealed about her high school friends.

Annie Leibovitz exclusively for Vanity Fair

First off, the interview took place at Amy's apartment and the interviewer said he “noticed multiple framed pictures of Schumer and a gang of girlfriends." He even spotted a throw pillow with their faces on it!

“They’re afraid I’m going to forget about them. So, like, they keep buying me things, to remind me of them,” Amy explained.

I mean, what friend group hasn't gone to a mall kiosk, had their picture taken, and then plastered it onto a pillow, mug or keychain???

Amy even made sure to introduce her original squad to one of her newer friends, Jennifer Lawrence.

And Amy hooked them all up with tickets to the premiere of the last Hunger Games movie!!!

Mark Davis / Getty Images

Oh, and one more thing: Apparently, Amy's apartment was a "mess" because she let a friend sleep on her couch after getting into a fight with her boyfriend.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images


A meatball sub and scotch? I’d be sendin’ Amy Schumer pillows with my face on them, too.

Comedy Central

You can read the rest of Amy's Vanity Fair interview here.

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