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Lauren B. And Amanda From “The Bachelor” Are IRL Best Friends


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If you’ve kept up with this season of The Bachelor then you know who Lauren B. and Amanda are, and you probably love both of them.


If you haven't watched the Hometown Dates episode please don't read on.

They’re both perfect, adorable human beings that Bachelor Ben would be *lucky* to have in his life.


Tragically, Ben sent Amanda home last night, even after a great day with her adorable girls.


Judging by Amanda's most recent Instagram, she's doing OK!

And it looks like she's been spending some quality time with Lauren B!

Instagram: @amanda_stantonn

Over the past few weeks, Amanda has shared some seriously adorable pictures of her and Lauren.

They even 'grammed the SAME picture with different filters!

Definitely BFFs.

While many have speculated that Lauren B. is winning the whole shebang, the two of them hanging together has made some feel like maybe Lauren isn’t the winner after all.

Would you be tight with someone you lost Bachelor Ben to???


It's also possible they're just mature human beings who have this shared Bachelor experience, and Amanda is OK with Lauren being with Ben.


We'll have to wait to find out. But no matter how The Bachelor ends, at least this beautiful friendship came out of it.

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