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    Chris Pratt On A Diet Is Literally All Of Us On A Diet

    "Chris Pratt here with another episode of 'What's My Snack?'"

    If you’re not following Chris Pratt on Instagram, you are missing out for many reasons. But this week’s reason is that he has a new IG segment called "What's My Snack?"

    Chris is currently filming Jurassic World 2, and it looks like they have him on a pretty restricted diet. Probably to make sure he still looks like this:


    ANYWAY. Chris has been documenting his allotted snacks, and he’s kind of losing it. Which is fair! Dieting is hard.

    The first episode of "What's My Snack?" debuted last week and featured a cacao baobab banana chia shake.

    At this point, Chris is still in good spirits. He just has some issues pronouncing his snack.

    In his second episode, Chris eats assorted sashimi. Or as he refers to it in his IG caption, “cat food.”

    This is where you can really start to see the hunger in his eyes.

    But by the end of the episode, he seems satisfied.

    Very satisfied.

    By the third segment, Chris is falling apart.

    He's visibly shaken by his late-night cravings.

    In fact, he's so hungry that he decides to break out a snack reserved for the following day. It's an olive oil pistachio cake.

    And just like that, it's gone.

    We've all been there, buddy.

    Like anyone after a cheat day, Chris feels a bit guilty. He had a moment of weakness, and in order to make up for it, he shares a new segment on what would've been Pistachio Cake Day.

    He goes back to snack basics with an apple.

    And uh, yeah, he's fine!!!

    Totally fine.

    Chris hasn't posted a new segment of "What's My Snack?" since the apple, but he did post a "selfie" today in response to commenters saying he looks skeletal.

    Hang in there, Chris. And take it easy on the apples.