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19 Of The Best Tweets About Last Night's Episode Of "The Bachelor"

"Corrine makes me cor-ringe."

1. When the bachelor disappoints:

"this is garbage and im done being lied to and disrespected like this" - me whenever the bachelor comes out with a shirt on

2. When Liz brought up Jade and Tanner's wedding:

I do 10 sit ups every time Liz says 'Jade and Tanner's wedding' and that's how I'm gonna lose 17 pounds tonight #TheBachelor

3. And again:

"I hooked up with Nick at a wedding once." - Liz at a McDonald's Drive-Thru #TheBachelor

4. When Corrine did or said anything at all:

Rain drop Drop top Corrine needs to stop stop #TheBachelor 🌹🌹🌹

5. Do you think Corrine's there to make friends??

Would not be surprised if Corinne ate the rose in front of the other girls to establish dominance #TheBachelor

6. When she took her top off during the photo shoot and stole Nick multiple times:

Corrine makes me cor-ringe #BachelorNation #bachelor

7. She even interrupted our beloved shark/dolphin:

Would a shark have allowed Corrine to steal her time like that? No. Dolphin. Case closed. #TheBachelor

8. And still walked away with the group date rose:

Everyone at Nick right now #TheBachelor #GoHomeCorinne

9. Is anyone surprised, though?

I love wasting my Monday nights watching the bachelor pick the wrong woman

10. IF ONLY!

If Liz had just given Nick her number all those months ago then LUKE could've been our rightful bachelor. #TheBachelor

11. When Danielle M. was on her one-on-one with Nick:

You know Corrine is on that yacht hiding in a closet and gonna jump out "Can I borrow him for a minute?" #TheBachelor

12. When the flamingo float reappeared:

@realChadJohnson you monster. #TheBachelor

13. When Raven had this sick burn:

"If Nick just likes someone who leads with their sexuality, no wonder it's his fourth time," says Raven.…

14. Oh hey have you heard about Jade and Tanner's wedding yet?

Liz's job should be "Met at Jade & Tanner's Wedding" because that's literally all she ever talks about. #TheBachelor

15. HAVE YOU???

if i had a dollar for every time jade and tanner's wedding was mentioned i could buy corinne's business #TheBachelor

16. When the second group date managed to be worse than the first:

Isn't the museum of broken relationships just another name for #TheBachelor mansion

17. When Liz started her big speech:

when Liz started to tell her and Nick's story during the fake break up #TheBachelor

18. And things got real frickin' weird, real fast:

Everyone during Liz's speech #TheBachelor

19. BYE LIZ!!!

"We actually met before at Jade and Tanner's wedding," says Liz, floating through space, repeating it forever. #TheBachelor

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