19 Of The Best Tweets About Last Night’s Episode Of "The Bachelor"

“Corrine makes me cor-ringe.”

1. When the bachelor disappoints:

2. When Liz brought up Jade and Tanner’s wedding:

3. And again:

4. When Corrine did or said anything at all:

5. Do you think Corrine’s there to make friends??

6. When she took her top off during the photo shoot and stole Nick multiple times:

Corrine makes me cor-ringe #BachelorNation #bachelor

— Mare L Reis (@Mare_Reis)

7. She even interrupted our beloved shark/dolphin:

Would a shark have allowed Corrine to steal her time like that? No. Dolphin. Case closed. #TheBachelor

— Cocky Chris Harrison (@ChrisMFHarrison)

8. And still walked away with the group date rose:

Everyone at Nick right now #TheBachelor #GoHomeCorinne

— Christen Ferraro (@Christen_44)

9. Is anyone surprised, though?

I love wasting my Monday nights watching the bachelor pick the wrong woman

— Amanda Halvorson (@Mandaaahal)

10. IF ONLY!

If Liz had just given Nick her number all those months ago then LUKE could've been our rightful bachelor. #TheBachelor

— Emily Rutt (@emilynrutt)

11. When Danielle M. was on her one-on-one with Nick:

You know Corrine is on that yacht hiding in a closet and gonna jump out "Can I borrow him for a minute?" #TheBachelor

— Nathan Scoot (@_natescott_)

12. When the flamingo float reappeared:

@realChadJohnson you monster. #TheBachelor

— Kaitlyn G (@kaitly_)

13. When Raven had this sick burn:

"If Nick just likes someone who leads with their sexuality, no wonder it's his fourth time," says Raven.… https://t.co/3EyqJoz6br

— Bachelor Burn Book (@bachelorburnbk)

14. Oh hey have you heard about Jade and Tanner’s wedding yet?

Liz's job should be "Met at Jade & Tanner's Wedding" because that's literally all she ever talks about. #TheBachelor

— The Bachelor Bros (@bachbros)

15. HAVE YOU???

if i had a dollar for every time jade and tanner's wedding was mentioned i could buy corinne's business #TheBachelor

— elise (@eliseleary)

16. When the second group date managed to be worse than the first:

Isn't the museum of broken relationships just another name for #TheBachelor mansion

— Dana Weiss (@Possessionista)

17. When Liz started her big speech:

when Liz started to tell her and Nick's story during the fake break up #TheBachelor

— Brooke White (@brookeiswhite)

18. And things got real frickin’ weird, real fast:

Everyone during Liz's speech #TheBachelor

— Jamie Blynn (@jamieblynn)

19. BYE LIZ!!!

"We actually met before at Jade and Tanner's wedding," says Liz, floating through space, repeating it forever. #TheBachelor

— Anna Breslaw (@annabreslaw)

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