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18 Adorable Sheep GIFs To Ring In The Lunar New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to ewe!

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Today is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, making it The Year of The Sheep! Here are some cute gifs to kickoff your celebration:

1. This cutie quenching her thirst.

2. These two pals going for a Sunday stroll.

3. Fred, who has some serious football skills.

4. This hungry girl looking for only the best grass.

5. Lamo, whose canine friend always has his back.

6. This frolicking little lamb.

7. This gal who's so excited to have a playmate her size.

8. This tail-wagging kitty lover.

9. This mama who occasionally misplaces her kids.

10. This friendly sheep who may have found her prince charming.

11. This surfer who's determined to catch some waves.

12. Edie, who loves to nibble noses.

13. This lady in only her best sweater.

14. Jack, just making himself cozy.

15. This hopping ball of fun.

16. This baby who's not too sure about dog kisses.

17. This sheep who's definitely judging you.

18. And this sheep who hopes you have a great new year!

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