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16 Dog Parents Who Had Way Better Plans That Day

"Sorry, can't hang. It's my dog's birthday."

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1. It’s always great having an excuse not do something. But it’s even better when the excuse is that it’s your dog’s birthday.

2. Which, by the way, is a perfectly good excuse to stay in!

3. Certainly dogs deserve to be celebrated for all the joy they bring into our lives.

4. So why shouldn't they get their own birthday party?

5. And be surrounded by their family and friends?

6. Spoiled with a big feast?

7. Perhaps a little doggy ice cream for dessert?

8. A mini cupcake for your pupcake?

9. How 'bout a whole dozen?

10. You can't let *this* face be alone on their birthday!

11. Seriously! Who could look this dog in the eyes on their birthday and not want to stay home with them?

12. I mean, someone's gotta rub this dog's belly while he reads his birthday cards.

13. And who’s going to help this pupper blow out their candle?

14. Just saying. Dogs deserve to have their birthdays celebrated.

15. It's their special day, after all!

16. (Even if they don't *really* know it.)

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