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19 Unbelievable Fish Jeremy Wade Caught On "River Monsters"


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One of the greatest Animal Planet shows of all time, River Monsters, recently came to an end after eight years and nine seasons' worth of extreme angler and extreme badass Jeremy Wade.

Here are just 19 of his most impressive catches:


3. This very appropriately named goliath tigerfish that's a relative of the piranha, so you KNOW it means business.

Kinda like Jeremy Wade is. He literally let one bite him. He described it as a "very strange feeling."


8. This catfish from the Chernobyl cooling pond with flesh that had "16 times the usual level of radiation."


13. This 4-foot-plus muskie, a fish Jeremy described as having an "attitude problem."


16. And this really badass, roughly 7-foot-long sawfish with 39 teeth!

17. This monster Queensland grouper with a GIRTH of over 4 feet.


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