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    Zac Efron Bought A Fan A New Phone Because He Shattered It Trying To Snapchat Him

    We all can’t be so lucky.

    In case you've somehow managed to avoid the hundreds of photos of Zac Efron looking extremely muscular on a beach, Zac's currently filming a Baywatch reboot with The Rock.

    Understandably, fans are trying to get a glimpse of Zac in the flesh. And this kid right here got the best glimpse out of ANYONE.

    Yesterday, Zac posted this photo of a fan who, according to Zac’s caption, shattered his phone chasing after Zac for a Snapchat.

    Sure, a Zac Efron sighting is Snapchat Story gold. But is it worth shattering your phone over???

    Well it certainly was for this fan, because not only did he get a video with Zac...

    ...but he got to hang with Zac on the Baywatch set.

    Oh, and Zac bought him a new iPhone.

    Dopekid_23 aka Ahmed, expressed his gratitude in several Instagram posts, thanking Zac for his humbleness and for the phone, of course.

    Moral of the story? Do it for the Snapchat.