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    The Cast Of "Degrassi: The Next Generation" Reunited For A New Episode And OMG

    Just like the good ol' days!

    It’s been some time since our faves from Degrassi: The Next Generation walked the halls of Degrassi Community School.

    But on the newest season of Degrassi: Next Class, a bunch of alumni made cameos and it was EVERYTHING.

    In episode 5, appropriately titled β€œ#ThrowbackThursday,” the current students of Degrassi hosted a 60th Anniversary Gala.

    Naturally, a bunch of alumni were in attendance for the event, including Liberty Van Zandt, who's currently in law school.

    Holly J. Sinclair was in the house.

    Peter Stone and Sav Bhandari were both there and both looking extra hunky if I do say so myself.

    And CRAIG MANNING. Oh, Craig.

    *listens to Craig sing once*

    Mo Mashkour, Degrassi Class of 2013, made an appearance.

    What kind of reunion would this be without Queen Paige Michalchuk and her good pal Marco Del Rossi???

    And who could forget Emma Nelson??? The girl showed up right in time to join a protest happening outside the school, just like the old days!

    Her ~husband~ Spinner Mason was there too and he referred to Mr. Simpson as "Dad." Lol.

    Weirdly, there were no shots of Emma and Spinner together, but there was this super cute moment between Spinner and Paige.

    That was the extent of cameos but Terri MacGregor, Jimmy Brooks, and Manny Santos all had their names dropped.

    Hopefully they'll be there for the next Degrassi reunion!