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    Ayesha Curry Had Some Seriously Random Acting Roles Back In The Day

    Who knew???

    In case you haven’t heard, the beautiful Ayesha Curry is currently filming her very own show for Food Network called Ayesha's Homemade.

    But fun fact: This isn’t Ayesha Curry’s first time on a TV show. Before she was Ayesha Curry, she was Ayesha Alexander, and Ayesha Alexander was an aspiring actress!

    was going thru pix & found this from 2007! Thought I'd take it way back for #TBT @ayeshacurry!

    After high school, Ayesha moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She landed her first roles in 2007 at the age of 18.

    IMDb lists eight acting credits for Ayesha, most of them very random. Nonetheless, they’re amazing and we need to talk about them.

    Let’s start from the beginning with Dan’s Detour Of Life (a TV movie) and 10 Items or Less (a TV series). Unfortunately, I was unable to find any footage of Dan’s Detour of Life. As for 10 Items or Less, Ayesha’s credited on IMDb as “Girl in Bathroom” but it appears her part was edited out. Here’s a pic of the bathroom, though!

    Next up was Whittaker Bay, a 2008 TV series which according to TV Guide was, "a drama focusing on four privileged families living in an upscale community on the coast of North Carolina." Ayesha played a main character, Keeley Hawkins.

    You can find random clips of the show on YouTube, but here’s all you really need to see.

    💀 💀 💀

    Moving on! Also in 2008, Ayesha had a small part in the straight-to-DVD rom-com, Love for Sale, as Girl #1.

    Girl #1's role was to keep the creeps out of the hot tub.

    The scene was brief but it was oh so good.

    Tell 'em, Ayesha.

    Next, there was the role of Trish in a film short called, Underground Street Flippers. You can watch the trailer here — it's uhm, interesting. Anyway, here's Ayesha with an umbrella.

    Ok, so this is where things get exciting! In 2009, Ayesha had a small part as Andrea on a little show called Hannah Montana!

    Hannah's brother, Jackson, takes Andrea on a date at Rico's Surf Shop. But after he spends the whole date on his phone, Andrea was like, "BOY BYE."


    Again in 2009, Ayesha made an appearance on the CBS show Gary Unmarried as Tonya.

    Tonya was ~the cool girl~ at a party who was really into the kid with the crutches.

    She was a bit of a badass, too.

    And finally, that brings us to Ayesha's most recent acting credit in 2010: Good Luck Charlie.

    This time, Ayesha played "Beautiful Girl" — which, that's easy enough for her.

    She makes an appearance during PJ's fantasy sequence. Just look at this entrance!


    So there you have it! Ayesha Curry's acting history, in all its glory.

    She might not have had any more acting roles after Good Luck Charlie, but she *did* have a wedding to Stephen Curry in July 2011.

    Things turned out pretty good for Ayesha, career-wise AND relationship-wise, don't you think?

    👑 👑 👑