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A Senior Dog's Advice To Younger Dogs

A 14-year-old Bichon Frise named Blossom shares her wisdom.

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1. "Just be yourself."

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed

"I know, I know, sooo cliché. But it's true. I'm a small dog, and there were times I was self-conscious about my size, especially around the big dogs. Don't try to be a big dog (unless of course, you are a big dog). Just be you."

2. "Work those puppy eyes!"

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed

"Seriously, humans are suckers for this. You want a treat? Give 'em the eyes. A new squeaky toy? It's yours. Anything's possible with just a few seconds of prolonged eye contact."

3. "Don't trust every dog you meet."

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed

"This dog is my brother, so he's an exception. But true story: I once got too friendly with a Maltese at the dog park and the next day I had kennel cough. Haven't been back there since. As for the Maltese? Never heard from him again."

4. "Go on all the walks!"

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed

"Beg if you have to because when you reach my age, your legs might not work as well, and you get tired pretty quickly. My humans — bless their hearts — got me a stroller. I look ridiculous in it. "


5. "Chase your dreams but not too fast!"

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed

"I'm all for going after squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, you name it. But TWICE I hurt myself and had to get surgery. Don't let those rodents get the last laugh."

7. "Don't eat chocolate!!"

Michelle Regna for BuzzFeed

"Don't get me wrong, it's good stuff. Like at first, it tastes great. But then it hits you, and you immediately regret it. Avoid the coco, pups, and you'll have nothing to worry about."

Want more wisdom? Check out your local animal shelter or Susie's Senior Dogs, where there are plenty of older dogs in need of a good home!