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21 Things You’d Be Surprised You Can Actually Mail

1) Write address. 2) Adhere postage. 3) Give someone the best damn day ever.

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These things are just as easy to mail as it is to ship a standard package or crate. Just write the address clearly with a permanent marker or create a proper address label and adhere sufficient postage (dependent on how much the item weighs and where you are sending it to), and the USPS will literally mail it for you!

1. A Coconut

Michelle Porucznik/BuzzFeed

The USPS views a coconut as a self-contained unit, allowing it to be mailed without any additional packaging required. This is SO much better than a "Wish You Were Here" postcard from Hawaii.


3. A Box of Candy

A great idea for kids! As long as the box is less than 13 ounces, you can slap those stamps and address label on it, and send away. Hopefully your mailman doesn't have an excessive sweet tooth.


7. A Rock

Hand-paint a design and a label directly onto it, stamp it, and ship it!


11. A Box of Balloons

Slightly inflate water balloons with notes or money inside each one and fill a box or container with them. Won't weigh much to ship!

12. Supplies in a Bottle

Michelle Porucznik/BuzzFeed

A super cute way to get kids excited about school! Take the label off of a plastic bottle and fill it with colored pencils, erasers, pens, and other school goodies.

13. A Rose in a Bottle

Michelle Porucznik/BuzzFeed

What is more romantic than a rose?! Be sure to take the label off of the plastic bottle beforehand. You can substitute the rose with your lover's favorite flower, or simply a romantic message. Overnight it so the flower stays fresh!

14. A Disposable Camera

Take it out of the box, snap a few fun pictures, put it back in the box it came in, tape back up, and send away!


18. A Seashell

Now you know what to do with that giant clam shell you found on the beach.


20. An Orange

With a permanent marker, write "ORANGE you glad ______."