We Went To The Cheetos Restaurant And Here's Everything That Happened

    Flamin' Hot Cheetos tacos? Don't mind if I do.

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    A few weeks ago, Cheetos announced that they'd be opening a pop-up restaurant in NYC on August 15–17 — and people went crazy. As a Cheetos lover, I knew I had to check it out.

    So I recruited the help of my coworker Clark, a fellow devoted Cheetos fan, and we set off for The Spotted Cheetah.

    Pulling up to the Tribeca space, it definitely had an ~exclusive~ vibe. Like, it even had bouncers?

    The inside was even more elaborate — almost every single aspect of the interior decor was Cheeto-fied. Even the servers.

    Food Network celebrity chef Anne Burrell was the brains behind the menu and made an appearance to kick off the event.


    First up were the Cheetos Meatballs:

    The Flamin' Hot and White Cheddar Mac 'n' Cheese was next:

    The Cheetos Grilled Cheese with tomato soup was made with bacon (yeah, I need to start doing this) and tasty, but the sandwich hardly had any crunch.

    The fried green tomatoes weren't green, but they were EXTRA crispy:

    The Flamin' Hot Limon Cheetos Tacos were probably my fave, though:

    At this point in the meal Clark and I were both dying, but whatever, dessert duty called.

    The shortbread cookies with caramel dipping sauce were aight. They had a nice chew, but were a lil' too crumbly:

    The White Cheddar Cheetos and Sweetos apple crepes were delicate and rich from their cheesy filling, but nothing mind-blowing.

    Although there's apparently a wait list to get in for now, a Cheetos rep told us that ~all hope is not lost.~

    If you're in NYC, the pop-up runs through Thursday — and dishes range from $8 to $22. You can find the full menu and more info here.

    Oh, and pro tip: Even if you never make it out to the restaurant, Cheetos is offering a free downloadable cookbook filled with all the recipes featured at the pop-up.


    **Disclaimer: Food and drinks were provided free of charge, but we were under no obligation to review them positively.