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I Just Found Out What LaCroix's "Natural Flavor" Is And I'm Delighted

It's made with heat.

If you love LaCroix*, then you've probably at one point wondered what's in it.

Sure, each can explicitly states "carbonated water" and "natural flavor" as its only two ingredients, but what does the latter actually mean?

Well, earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal got to the bottom of this millennial-age-old question.

The secret to your liquid addiction?

It's "essence," a clear, concentrated natural chemical derived by heating the skins or rinds of fruits.

To be fair, the website already states a version of that fact, but the article reveals the production process behind this mysterious ingredient.

And while, according to the FDA, essence can refer to any "flavoring constituents derived from a fruit, bark, meat, poultry, or fermentation products thereof," LaCroix states on its site that all its "flavors are derived from the natural essence oils extracted from the named fruit in each LaCroix flavor."

Now go forth, and enjoy your vapor-infused beverage with this knowledge!