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    This Is What Your Home Will Look Like In 2018, According To Pinterest

    Plus ideas on how to work them into your own space.

    Every full-grown adult knows that staying in is almost always a good idea.


    It's free, cozy, and doesn't involve a commute! Staying in just makes more logical sense. 💁

    And that any investment in your home is consequently good for your happiness, mental health, and, well, social life.

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    Dinner parties at home > any bar, ever.

    Well, to help you plan your new year, Pinterest has just released a list of the top 10 home decor trends you can expect to see in 2018. Without further ado, here are their predictions for the new year.

    1. We'll be covering our walls in larger-than-life art.

    In lieu of petite prints and tiny gilded frames, large posters, works of art, and photography prints will be filling all the blank space in your home. Read up on nine budget-friendly ways to fill up a big wall at Apartment Therapy.

    2. Houseplants with patterned foliage and color will get the best spot on the window sill.

    The prayer plant (pictured above) is a popular pick, but you can find seven ideas for other beautifully textured plants at A Beautiful Mess.

    3. Decor in mixed metallic colors will add muted shine to every room.

    Even if you know nothing about home decor, you'll find it easy to decorate with metallics. They work with any color palette, and don't really need to match the furniture around them. Get five more ideas on how to decorate with mixed metals at Apartment Therapy.

    4. Bathrooms will turn into resortlike oases with just a few upgrades.

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    Transforming a bathroom may sound like an intimidating and costly upgrade, but just a few additions here and there (like candles, dimmers, and fancy towels) can make a big difference. For more low-budget ideas, check out this short guide on how to create a spalike bathroom on eBay.

    5. Ceilings will become the new canvas — and will be splashed with bold colors and Sistine Chapel–like art.

    A bright pop of color, DIY vintage moldings, and wooden beams will give you an excuse to stop and look up once in a while. Get more ideas on how to create a statement ceiling at Elle Decor.

    6. Terrazzo will add playful flourish.

    The speckled composite tiling of the '70s is making a huge comeback in contemporary furniture, ceilings, and tiling options. And if a new statement piece or major renovation isn't in the cards for you, you can also fake it with terrazzo wallpaper.

    7. Furniture will get a worldly upgrade with bone inlay designs.

    Bone inlay designs add geometric detail and highbrow flair to any piece. Read a guide on how to DIY it at Cutting Edge Stencils.

    8. We'll be modernizing wood floors with herringbone patterns and majestic shades of gray.

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    Classic wood flooring and tiling will never go out of fashion, but a modern pattern and some neutral coloring will give it a more contemporary aesthetic. Read a guide on how to DIY it with self-adhesive planks at Lila Wolff.

    9. Doors will become statement pieces.

    Think of your entryway like your ceiling — as yet another expansive space on which to set the tone for your home. You can start with a mat with a cheeky message or take the next big step and color it in a bold shade. Get more entryway inspiration on DIY Network.

    10. We'll class up our interiors with sage green — the ~new neutral~.

    It's soothing, refreshing, and neutral all at once — what's there not to like?! Get more inspiration for how to use sage green at A Shade Of Teal.

    For more info on the Pinterest 100, head here.