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What's Your Favorite Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dish?

Mashed potatoes, mac 'n' cheese, and pecan pies, oh my!

Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year because it combines family and friends, a break from work, and an excuse to eat all of the things.

Seriously though, ALL. OF. THE. THINGS.

It's also great because vegetarian dishes dominate the dinner table.

We want to know: what's your best Thanksgiving vegetarian dish? Is it a classic recipe for crescent rolls?

Or parmesan mushrooms?

Or, do you have the holy grail: a recipe for a non-scary vegetarian Thanksgiving turkey?!

Share with us below your favorite vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes and recipes. If you have a photo, please share that as well! The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.