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    Taco Bell Is Releasing Fried Chicken Shell Tacos And They Are Breathtaking

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    First, there were Doritos-dusted tacos. Now, Taco Bell is coming out with FRIED CHICKEN SHELL TACOS.

    Taco Bell

    *Gasps loudly*

    And they are beautiful.

    Taco Bell

    Goodbye, soft shell. We hardly knew you.

    I mean, just look at that thick, fried, crunchy fantasy come to life.

    Taco Bell

    Are you feeling things yet?

    The shell is made with 4 ounces of all-white-meat chicken and stuffed with lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and avocado ranch.

    Taco Bell

    In May, BuzzFeed got a closer look at the production process. This is what the shell looks like unfolded (still stunning).

    People are in awe.

    milleaj / Via Twitter: @Milleaj
    LouisOrtiz92 / Via Twitter: @LouisOrtiz92
    TiffanyKHOU / Via Twitter: @TiffanyKHOU

    For your own Naked Chicken Chalupa, you'll have to wait until Jan. 26, when they'll appear on menus nationwide.

    Taco Bell

    They'll go for $2.99 each — a small sum for pure bliss.

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