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    21 (Really Fun) Sleepover Games That Everyone Will Actually Love

    You're going to want to bookmark these.

    Sleepovers! They're a classic rite of passage for kids of all ages.


    1. Minute to Win It Games

    A boy stacks clear cups while his mom watches

    2. Freeze Dance or Musical Statues

    Two kids and their mom dance in their living room.

    3. Right, Left, Eat

    A hand holding out three candy canes.

    4. Pass the Parcel

    A girl excitedly unwraps a gift.

    5. Musical Chairs

    Four kids walk around a group of three chairs in a backyard.

    6. Sundae Bar

    A boy happily looks on as he digs into his ice cream sundae.

    7. Make-your-own Cupcakes

    A little girl holds up a cupcake

    8. Sleeping Beauty

    A young girl lays in bed with her eyes closed.


    9. Twister

    Hands being placed on various circles of color on a Twister game mat.

    10. Pass the Orange

    Oranges falling onto a white surface.

    11. Wrecking Ball

    Child stacks plastic cups into a pyramid shape on a wooden floor.

    12. 'Would You Rather?' Questions for Tweens

    Five girls are cuddled up in blankets all facing each other, while they talk and eat slices of pepperoni pizza

    13. MASH

    A piece of paper showing a game of MASH.

    14. Make DIY Slime

    A girl looks intently at a glittery and stretched piece of slime she is stretching between her hands.

    15. Who Am I?

    Pre-teen girls look at their phones and talk to each other in the middle of a bedroom.


    16. Neon Pool Night

    An outstretched pair of hands holds several intertwined neon bracelets.

    17. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

    A still from the movie, The Craft, in which girls succeed in levitating their friend by playing "Light as a feather, stiff as a board"

    18. Craft Friendship Bracelets

    A girl makes a friendship bracelet sitting down.

    19. Telephone Pictionary

    An old-school rotary telephone.

    20. Truth or Dare

    Teenage daughter and her little sister sit with their feet up on a cream sofa, while their Mum looks over at them

    21. Heads Up!

    Photo of a "Heads Up!" board game box.

    Any favorite games or activities to play at sleepovers? Share them in the comments!